Maria Cosmes

When Maria asked me to create her new website, I began to ask myself some questions about the role this medium plays in the context of the diffusion of an artist's work, especially for a performer. Is it an extended curriculum launched into the unknown, with greater or lesser fortune, call it the audience? Perhaps a self-published catalogue? Or perhaps a personalized presentation that she makes to each one of us in the intimacy of our homes? Whatever it is, for this purpose the medium is too much unidirectional. Too many years of experience in networks prove to me that the interrelation is minimal, even non-existent, and always superficial. The antithesis of a work such as Maria's. For that reason, I considered the design of the site not only at technical and formal but also at conceptual level. In this way, I conceived the web as an exhibition and I structured contents not only as a webmaster but also as a curator.

Starting from Maria's work I have designed a conceptual trajectory on some aspects that I consider to be essential in her work. A route that does not exhaust the meanings nor tries to delimit them, but it tries to be an external vision that seeks to organize, in a certain way, a complex work, subtle and of great amplitude. Thus I have built a framework that is filled with his works and texts, to which are added writings by other authors about his work. I have sometimes ignored the logic of chronology, which tends to mark every exhibition, and I have preferred to take advantage of the recurrence of certain patterns which, for me, are important in their performatic execution.

Carlos Pina
Independent curator
director of eBent, international performance festival of Barcelona (2003-2010)