Maria Cosmes Román (Barcelona, 1963-2018)

Performance artist and visual artist.

Graduate in Prehistory and Ancient History. Graduate in Cultural Anthropology. Postgraduate in African Studies.

Since year 2000 his work is nurtured by body practices such as the Alexander technique, dance-therapy or oriental dance, among others, in an attempt to reconcile body consciousness with emotion and intellect as drivers of thought.

She began her artistic career in 1993 in visual poetry and installation. In 1998 she began to work deeply in performance presenting her work in various countries of Europe, America and Asia, both in festivals and art centers, among others: FADO (2007, Toronto), Performing Days 07 (2007, GalataPerform, Instambul), Centre International Poésie Marseille (2004, Marseilles), VIVA Festival (2006, Montreal, Canada), Là-Bas and Galleria Augusta (2002 and 2004, Helsinki), Konsthallen (Gotemburg (2006, Sweden), La Casa Encendida (2005, Madrid), Centre d’Art Santa Mònica (2006, Barcelona), Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (2005, Barcelona), Sinopale, biennial of contemporary art (2008,Turquia), OPEN International Performance Art Festival (2009, Beijing), Extension Series 4 (Grimmuseum, May-June of 2010, Berlin), Casa Haiku (September, 2010. Barcelona), VoxaFabrica (October, 2010, France) and Action MAD (Matadero, November, 2010. Madrid).

As a cultural manager she has been part of the organization of different events of visual poetry, mail art and performance since 1997. She was a founding member and associate director of eBent. Encontre Internacional de Fets Performatics, (2001-2010) (

She has given lectures and performance workshops in different institutions (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Faculdade de Belas Artes de Pontevedra, Escola d'Arts i Oficis de Barcelona and in public and private schools. For two years she worked as an artist in the MUS-E programme of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation in Spain.