A summer's Sunday in Innsmouth (2001)

( 2001. Sant Pol de Mar )

vídeo: Carlos Pina

In A summer Sunday in Innsmouth, I went with some friends who didn't know my intentions to a very quiet and familiar beach on a Sunday, as we usually do. Once mounted the umbrella and towels and enjoy the water, I took off my bathing suit and stayed in tanga, I approached the shore and with water from the beach and green clay powder I made a mixture with which I began to smear my body. My partner was recording in video the process and the reactions of the bathers. For my part, I asked for help from some of the people who were sunbathing nearby, to establish contact and at the same time allow them to express the curiosity they felt but only expressed with their sidelong glances. Once my body and face were smeared, I began to walk along the beach while it was still being filmed. The reaction of the bathers used to be the same, sideways glances when they thought I wasn't looking. Perhaps the most noticeable reaction, and also the most archetypal, was when I entered the beach bar to buy a drink, since there were only men inside. Once the clay was dry and my skin changed to a lighter green, I went to the beach, wiping myself little by little until my skin reappeared. I returned to lie under the umbrella to continue with our Sunday beach.

The intention was to create a small decalage between what seemed real, the peaceful beach full of people enjoying the sun and the sea, and what was truly real: on that beach I was like an element that functioned as a normal abnormality. I wanted to show the abnormality that underlies the apparent normality of each one of us.

H. P. LOVECRAFT. The shadow over Innsmouth.