Lesson of kinship 2 (2001-2004)

( 2004. eBent'04. Centre de Cultura Contemporània, Barcelona )

vídeo: Carlos Pina, Manuel Morales, Juan Carlos Lozano

In Lesson of kinship the action took place on an enlarged image of my naked body. Three basic concepts were articulated among themselves coming from my formation and the anthropological interest that runs through my particular vision of life, to relate them to my personal experience. First of all, I explained to the public a significant anecdote: in a French newspaper a news item had a lasting impact on me. It explained that Australian Aboriginal tattoos have a function that is not only aesthetic but also denote the clan to which one belongs and the existing kinship relationships between individuals, so that communication via radio had failed, always there was a factor of mistrust and ignorance among the interlocutors who could not be seen. On the contrary, the videoconference had demonstrated to be the best medium, since for Australian Aborigines, as the non-verbal information contained in their faces and tattooed bodies is just as much or more important than words. The second concept that I referred to in public was the very useful custom that occurs among African peoples of build "fictitious" kinship relationships to reinforce the relationships that can occur between two people. This strategy makes it possible to place people in relation to each other and to give fluidity to the relations between individuals and to create bonds of solidarity. After this introduction I explained to the public the meaning of the notation used by anthropology to draw genealogies and kinship relationships. From these three concepts he made an syncretic conceptual effort that had a lot of emotional and began to draw the fictitious relationships of kinship of my friends and acquaintances on my body with a gold-colored marker, reciting their names and their relationship to me and to each other. With this I tried to recreate a family environment that was absent in my life. In fact, I was trying to tattoo on my image a universe of relationships arising from my need to create an order in which to integrate.